Amy Roberson

About Me

I have always been a creator and builder. As a child, I would often make props for my toys from Lego people to Barbie dolls. All of my childhood adventures became more interesting as I built castles, forts, and even repelling gear.

As I got older, I focused on the arts. I tried every form of art I could get me hands on, till I found ceramics. While at college, I dove deep into the ceramics field and even presented my research on glazes at the National Council for the Education of the Ceramic Arts.

The more I worked with the material, the more possibilities came to light and more problems. Once I came to this conclusion, I began to explore different ways to build practical, reliable, and testable products. While exploring other materials, a friend suggested I to look into computer engineering. Through code, I would be able to create with control and precision that I could not quite grasp with ceramics.

Making the switch from a ceramic artist and researcher, to an iOS Engineer was not an easy task. As I continue to create apps and apply the skills I have learned, I realized that I am now able to create, explore, and share my work more than ever.