My Portfolio

The apps showcased below are just a few of the projects I have created thus far. All of these apps are written in Swift using Xcode. While working on these projects, I became familiar with many of Apple’s frameworks, like CoreData and UIKit, as well as Server APIs and third party tools. Currently these apps are still being improved and are not available on the app store, but they, as well as many other projects, can be viewed on Github

Mixed Up

Recipes Inventory Create Drink

Mixing drinks can often be intimidating or frustrating. Mixed Up is here to simplify cocktail craftsmanship. This app helps the user keep track of the ingredients they have on hand, and based on those ingredients, the user can see recipes they can create. Mixed Up also lets the user create drink recipes and store them as a favorite drink. In the future, plan to add the ability to select an alcohol free mode, which would allow the user to view non-alcoholic drinks. Mixed Up was written entirely in swift, using CoreData, UIKit, and a RESTful API to display, fetch, and store ingredients and recipes. This project can be viewed on Github.


MasterMind Select Color You Win

Game creation is something I believe every developer is interested in. MasterMind is one of the first games I have created, and it has really brought some interesting challenges to my attention. Game development must have a good user experience and design, it needs to have a clear path to follow, and it needs to communicate with the user. MasterMind prompts the user to guess a computer-generated code, though highlighting and view changes in response to the users input. MasterMind was written in Swift using UIKit. This project can be viewed on Github.

League Tracker

Games Team Details Rankings

Watching your team throughout the season is great, but keeping track or their record isn’t always easy. League Tracker is here to simplify score keeping and team ranking. This app allows the user to store games and their scores, while automatically sorting the teams by their rank. League tracker gives details on each of the teams wins and losses, while keeping a clean minimalist style. This app was written in Swift using Xcode. This was one of the first apps I created, using Apple’s frameworks, while I had not yet explored CoreData, I was able to save data to disk so the information would persist between runs. This project can be viewed on Github.